Asia International Wine Competition Partners With Drinks Trade, BevRoute and Drinks World

2017 Winners of Asia International Wine Competition will be published in Drinks Trade magazine, Drinks World, BevRoute and Drinks Bulletin.

Drinks Trade


Drinks trade magazine is an integral part of the drinks Publications, a division of the drinks association. It was launched in 2007 as a bi-monthly publication and reaches both the on and off-premise markets, offering in-depth and up to date information on the industry. Winners of the Asia International Wine Competition will be published in Drinks Trade magazine.

Drinks Bulletin

drinks-bulletinDrinks bulletin is a new dedicated website of Industry News, when & where you need it most. Now online and delivered to your inbox weekly, it’s fresh, exciting and just a click away, keeping you up-to-date on news, views and brand activity.

BevRoute Magazine

Bev_Route_MagazineBevRoute is the ONLY Magazine that is focused on global wine, beer, spirits import and wholesale business. The magazine is available in print and digital and helps wine, beer and spirits importers and distributors grow their business. We are pleased to announce a media sponsor partnership with BevRoute. Winners of Asia International Wine Competition will be published in BevRoute print and digital channels.

Drinks World

drinks-worldDrinks World magazine is a collective of the most highly respected local identities supported by international experts – the industry coming together.

Drinks World Asia is a high-end drinks publication dedicated to the dynamic world of the Asian beverage industry and all that it entails; the people, the trends, the marketplace, the brands and of course the ever-loving drinks enthusiasts.

This is a magazine for the industry professional involved with the service of drinks; relevant to both sides of the bar – buyers, managers, sommeliers, bartenders, marketers and sales managers. If you buy, market or sell drinks in Asia Drinks World Asia will be a must-read. Winners of Asia International Wine Competition will be published in print and online version of the Drinks World Asia.